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Students' Testimonials

"In many respects CLA was my life, my home away from home. Here I learned my reading, writing, and arithmetic along with how to tie my shoes, develop friendships, and seek Jesus as my Lord and Savior...

By way of Christian pedagogy and practice of my teachers, I better understand what it means to live for Christ all seven days of the week. I came to appreciate from these teachers to view all of life through the lens of the Bible. With the help of such loving direction and discipline, this once, thick-headed little boy now more clearly realizes that, in the words of one Dutch theologian, "There's not one square inch of the entire creation about which Jesus Christ does not cry out, 'This is mine, this belongs to me.'"

So, in a word, CLA, this home away from home was my "landing pad," a place to learn the  meaning of life under Christ, develop friendships, and so on. But it was also a "launching pad, for it gave me my trajectory for life, that is, to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever. Thanks, CLA!

--A grateful admirer--

"...The Bible talks about having communion and fellowship with other believers, and I believe that that setting is better portrayed at CLA than at even many of the churches that people attend today. Chapels and philosophy classes every day, worship with my friends, listening to a friend speak in chapel about a common God and goal, and being able to help out a younger child through mentoring are all ways that God has given me to grow in my faith in this school... Because of all the teaching, I am able to stand my ground on what I believe, no matter what else I am told... Everything must be from the Bible, and that lesson, to me, is invaluable for the rest of my life. I will always feel the need to read the Word and try to figure out what God wants...

I am who I am today because of CLA. It has taught me humility, shown me a piece of what fellowship with God's people can be, and has trained me to a logical thinking process that in the end is always checked in God's Word. There is no possible way that I will forget the lessons I have learned once I am off to college and the world beyond."

--Tara Bennett--

"...CLA has influenced my life in a positive way. This summer, I transferred from a school with a non-Christian environment to CLA, a school with an environment that relfects Christ. I could tell the difference in the students.

Before I attended Christian Liberty, I attended a public high school, where I suffered. I was teased everyday because of my interests... The students treated me as if I did not exist. I tried making friends, but they would not accept me. They refused to talk to me unless they were teasing me. When I attended Christian Liberty, I realized the reason they teased me and excluded me was because they did not know Christ. True Christians do not tease people not exclude people because of their interests. At Christian Liberty, I am treated with respect... The way my friends act at Christian Liberty reflects Christ...

I appreciate attending Christian Liberty. I enjoy going to school to see the people, unlike at my previous high school..."

--Gretchen Trettenbach--

"...What really gets me is how the teachers are so realistic. They really encourage the students to stay real about God. That is their number one priority. The teachers here truly care about where we are in our walk with Christ. This is definitely given that we can count on our elders here to help us and to account us. We as student need real encouragement on this certain area of our lives.

Not only do the teachers support us to be better Christians, but they support us in the area of our future goals. It is really obvious when teachers are constantly on our backs to do our homework and to study. The teachers really value their positions as our "guardians" in school. Teaching for them isn't a burden. Like mentioned before, it is a gift to teach us. It shows how much the teachers care about our school lives..."

--Victoria Quintana--

"Sometimes the things in our lives that we most need to be aware of we don't even know. This is what it was like for me when I first came to this school. I was home schooled my whole life and I loved being home schooled. I appreciate what my parents did for me by giving so much of themselves so I could be taught at home. I learned a love of learning that I am very certain I could not have, were I in public school. But by 8th grade I was searching for a new challenge in my education that my parents just could not give me. So we found CLA and in just a few weeks I was signed up. When I first came here I was scared to be in a room with so many unfamiliar people, but I made friends and so that got better. In 8th grade the class that was especially challenging for me was World views. It was a class in the different world views and how they effect everything. Freshmen year I began to understand how deep Christian teachings were in this school. I am not saying that my parents didn't teach me about Christ but that I didn't really understand all the things that Christ did could be relevant to everyday life, not just when I was trying to be "spiritual". This year I am really grabbing onto all that I have learned in the past few years and realizing how grateful I am to the teachers here for helping me to see that Christianity is more than reading your Bible and praying, it's a whole world view that needs to be tended and cared for."

--Zoe Whyte--


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