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FALL DRAMA - ‘A Midsummer’s Night Dream’

October 30, October 31 & November 1, 2014

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Ticket prices:

General public adults - $8
CLA staff and students - $5

Show Dates:

October 30: 6 PM
October 31: 6 PM
November 1: 6 PM


The Course of True Love…

Meet Theseus, Duke of Athens. He’s about to marry Hippolyta, the woman whose country he just conquered in battle. Into the midst of their fragile wedding arrangements charges Egeus who begs the Duke to punish his daughter, Hermia, for disobeying his command to marry the husband he has chosen for her: Demetrius. Egeus and Theseus insist that Hermia give up her chosen love, Lysander, and do her father’s bidding. Refusal means living as a nun or losing her life altogether. Dissatisfied with her options, Hermia chooses her own path. She and Lysander flee to the nearby forest in hopes of escaping Theseus’ law. But Demetrius gets wind of their flight and follows them to the woods. And where Demetrius goes, there also goes Helena, Hermia’s best friend who just so happens to have the world’s biggest crush on Demetrius.

The love problems intensify in the forest as the king and queen of the fairies, Oberon and Titania, are having a fight of their own, over a servant boy that Titania has taken into her care. Oberon’s jealous side gets the better of him and he commands his chief troublemaker, Puck, to fetch a flower whose juice, when laid upon a sleeper’s eyes, will force the sleeper, upon waking, to fall in love with whatever he or she first sets eyes upon. With the juice, Oberon hopes to take his revenge on Titania. While Puck is gone, however, Oberon observes Demetrius reject Helena in the woods. Feeling sorry for the girl, Oberon sends Puck to enchant Demetrius with some of the flower’s juice. To Puck, one Athenian man looks like another, and soon, Lysander is the one desperately in love with Helena, leaving Hermia confused and more than a little angry.

Meanwhile, a group of common workmen turned actors has met in the woods to rehearse a play which they hope to perform at Theseus’ wedding celebration. Puck overhears them and immediately selects Nick Bottom as the perfect match for the now enchanted Titania. When Titania wakes and begins to dote on the transformed Bottom, all hope for true love appears lost—until Oberon reenters the scene, ready to set things back to where they ought to be.

…Never Did Run Smooth





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