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Spring Musical - ‘Treasure Island’

March 6, March 7 & March 14, 2015

Ticket prices:

General public adults - $8
CLA staff and students - $5

Show Dates:

March 6 at 7 PM
March 7 at 7 PM
March 14 at 2* PM and 7 PM

      *The 2 PM showing is a family showing with reduced ticket prices ($5 and $3). All who attend are welcome to dress up in their best pirate costume. Kids ten and under will be invited to participate in a contest for best pirate costume at the end of the show, judged by CLA’s very own actors and actresses.


Jim Hawkins spends his days helping his mother run a coastal inn until the day a pirate named Billy Bones finds his way to their establishment. After a night full of pirates storming the inn, Jim finds himself in possession of a legendary pirate’s treasure map. With his mother’s blessing, Jim sets off for adventure with Dr. Livesey, Madame Trelawney, Captain Smollett, and a raggedy assortment of crew members. When Jim discovers that most of the crew consists of the very pirates he has been trying to escape, he runs away when they reach the island, searching for the treasure on his own. But Jim soon realizes that he and the pirates are not alone on the island…. Full of epic pirate ballads, mutiny, and humor, this show will prove to be fun for the whole family.

Note: Treasure Island is a pirate show and does include references to rum and drinking as well as some stage fighting scenes in which several characters do die.

Scenes/Songs/Lines to Watch for (According to the cast):

  • “But, Ina, who will collect the coconuts?!” – Nicole Park, Kat Ruiz, Alison McHugh, and Olivia Morrison
  • “Dead men tell no tales” from The Ballad of Captain Flint— (MacKenzie Moeller)
  • When Long John Silver calls his pirates shivering pansies. –Megan Glad
  • “It takes the strongest of men to do what’s right even in the face of death.” –Paul Wesner
  • The scene between Madame Dance and Dr. Livesey!—Ellie DeRidder
  • The song “To the Stars”…10/10 song—Brandon Scoggins


Friday February 27, 2015


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