Christian Liberty Academy

Faculty Wish List

This is a program to help the CLA teachers and coaches acquire items that they want/need in their classrooms or for their teams. 

These are items that the teachers and coaches would love to have to help our children and are generally bought out of your personal monies. This program is OPTIONAL and there is no obligation to purchase anything on these lists. We thought having an ongoing wish list online would be helpful for those who like to donate items, give gifts, or have access to these items around their home or office. Sometimes we all have old bookshelves, books, etc. that would be great for a classroom, but we don't think to ask teachers if they could use those things, and instead donate them to a charity. If you don’t see your teacher’s name on the list, please feel free to ask your teacher to fill out a Wish List. We know that the teachers appreciate anything and everything we can do for them. If you want to participate in this Wish List just purchase something for any teacher and give it to them. They will be thrilled! Thank you for your anticipated participation in helping the Teachers and Coaches at CLA.


Junior Kindergarten through 12th Grade Wish Lists:

  • KINDERGARTEN ~ see Mrs. Ruta or Mrs. Flores ~ money donations for fabric to make new Thanksgiving Pilgrim costumes. We also need seamstresses to make bonnets for the Pilgrim girls.
  • Library Wish List: comfortable reading cushions for casual reading and storytime area. $30 each from Demco; overstuffed bean bag chairs for casual reading area. $53 each from Demco; 3 new desk top computers; glue sticks; crayons; pencils; paper towels; Kleenex; washable markers; scrapbook paper (card stock weight); Fiskars scissor paper edgers; steel oversize cork base book supports (book ends) qty = 50 $4.89 a piece from Demco
  • Mrs. Jennifer Adams, 3rd Grade Teacher: electric pencil sharpeners, CD/cassetteplayer, children's books with CDs
  • Mrs. Cindy Gafrick, Junior Kindergarten Teacher: tape recorder and radio, new computer, glue, stickers, computer games, cotton balls, construction paper, expo markers, treasure box goodies
  • Mrs. Maria Flores, Sr. Kgn. teacher: story books with tape/CDs; tape/CD player; headphones; children's area rug; children's furniture for reading center (sofa, chair); multicultural dolls
  • Mrs. Audrey Hessler, 6th Grade Teacher: cassette/CD player
  • Mrs. Sunny Kim, Jr. Kgn. teacher: computer games, DVD Player, CD Player, stickers, girls toys (baby dolls), treasure box goodies
  • Mrs. Tina Kleinke, First Grade: 2 electric pencil sharpener; colored pencils; red colored pencils; Bible stories on VHS, DVD, or CD; puzzles; board Games; books - regular and those with CDs; play food; Legos - big & small; plastic animals; farm, forest, jungle, and sea; plastic insects; magnet sets; puppets; small toy cars
  • Mrs. Margaret Manahan, 4th grade teacher: plant lights to grow plants in classroom; bean bag chairs; encyclopedia set - a newer, more up-to-date set than I have; field guides 1.) of rocks & gemstones 2.) of butterflies, moths, & insects 3.) of trees & plants 4.) of birds
  • Mrs. Lena Pittman, Kindergarten Teacher: multicultural dolls; baby dolls; black material for costumes (see Mrs. Pittman for details); "Gears" building set; tinker toy set; gift certificate for Lakeshore Learning Store; pocket chart - large; Lego kit w/people - small size; play dough; ink stamps made for children; Magna tiles *found at Lakeshore Learning Store; floor puzzles; Dr. Seuss books
  • Mrs. Carmen Rosado, H.S. Spanish: computer projector so that I can connect my laptop to it and display lesson points
  • Mr. Joe Rowland, PE teacher and Basketball & Baseball Coach: cones; basketballs - regular & small sizes (especially handprints); flags for flag football; volleyballs; permanent markers; Weight Room equipment; tennis balls
  • Mrs. Sharon Rubel, Sewing Instructor: sewing machines - new or used in working condition
  • Mrs. Char Ruta, Senior Kindergarten Teacher: Lego sets, gift certificates to Lake Shore Teacher’s Store, small reward stickers (themes such as Thanksgiving, Fall, Winter, Valentine’s Day, Flags, sports, princesses, etc.) “Gears” building sets, play food, stamp pads in red & black, Tinker Toy sets
  • Mr. Daniel Schustek, 4th grade teacher: overhead projector with accessories
  • Mrs. Laura Sicilian, Elementary level Bible Teacher: CD/Cassette player; window paints; laptop or notebook computer with movie player, Powerpoint projector with remote and computer chip; transparencies for overhead projector; maps of the Middle East, Bible lands, etc.; stickers & candy; digital camera
  • Mrs. Michelle Berndt, 6th Grade Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra & Geometry Teacher: Graph paper, electric pencil sharpener, small game prizes, colored dry erase markers, pencils, erasers for pencils, 1" wide painters tape, Math manipulatives: dice (10 or more sets), spinners (10 or more), plastic chips of different colors (like bingo chips); gift certificates to teaching stores (local or online); construction paper; books of logic or math puzzles; blank laminated bingo cards (30)
  • Mrs. Judy Smith, Art Teacher: Watercolor Paint SetsChromacryl Acrylic Paint (In the Primary Colors: true blue, true red, true yellow), Modeling Clay Set (5 sets), Latex BalloonsAll-in-1 Glue SetChalk Pastels (2 sets), Washable Watercolors (5 sets)



  • General Preschool Wish List: 2 air purifiers; Bob books; Big books: Ten Little Mice by Joyce Dunbar; by Eric Carle From Head to Toe; Who Will Help? By Roxanne L. Williams; Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh; Flying Colors by “Big Books By George”; Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert; My 5 Senses by Aliki; Book and CD sets: 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow; 5 Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree by Eileen Christelow; Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone; The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdone; Books: My First Nursery Rhymes – illustrated by Bruce Whatley; Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft; Arctic Song by Miriam Moss; Book sets: 6 sets of Alphatales by Scholastic
  • Mrs. Sherry Kurz, Preschool Director/Teacher: Thomas the Tank Engine trains; the metal die-cast ones. pets; Gift cards to Lakeshore Learning, Teacher's Schoolbox, or Let's Learn stores; Magna-tiles - available at Lakeshore Learning
  • SunHee Im, Preschool Teacher: Read Aloud Bible Volume 4; Girls dress-up dresses and shoes
  • Dina Bentz, Preschool Teacher: Doctor play kit; Package of laminating refill sheets; Dry erase board cleaner fluid
  • Daisy de la Pena, Preschool Teacher: Lakeshore Alphabet Sounds Teaching Tub; Lakeshore Alphabet Learning Stamps (lower case); Lakeshore Giant Clear-View Stamp Alphabets (upper and/or lowercase); Lakeshore Picture Letter Magnet Center; Lakeshore Jumbo lower case Alphabet Rubber Stamp Letters; Lakeshore See and Stamp transparent stamps; Lakeshore Find the letter Phonics Box; Lakeshore Short Vowel Sounds 3-in-a-row game set (Beginning Sound); Lakeshore Read and Slide Cards (short Vowel Sounds); Lakeshore I can build Simple Words; Lakeshore Word Building Puzzle (3 letter word); Lakeshore Match and Learn Math Board; Lakeshore Alphabet Sequencing Puzzle (monkey); Lakeshore Giant Follow-the-Dot Letter Stamps (Manuscript); Lakeshore Letter Sounds Rubber Stamps; Lakeshore Number and Counting Rubbing Plates; Lakeshore All-In-One Math Skills Activity Center; Lakeshore Magnetic Numbers and Counters; Lakeshore Frogs on a log Counting Kit; Preschool Prep DVD Series (available at Lakeshore); Preschool Princesses and Action Heroes costumes


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