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Important News

Progress Reports and Report Cards for students in grades 1st through 12th will be available via e-mail this year (the e-mail address you provided to us on your student's registration form). If you did not give us your e-mail address when you registered, please contact us so we can enter the information in our system.

You may also view this information and much more through the ParentsWeb portal. Click the ParentsWeb button on the right to login, or read ParentsWeb Instructions if you are using ParentsWeb for the first time.

Volunteer Opportunities

As you begin to prepare for the new school year, please consider the role you as a parent and/or guardian will play in CLA activities. 

As you make your choice, please remember... CLA has a bright future, but you must help it shine! Your participation (or lack thereof) has a direct effect on just how brightly Christian Liberty Academy can shine in this dark world. Take the opportunities listed below to demonstrate a servant's heart to your children by volunteering your time. Let us demonstrate to our community that CLA has chosen and will continue to choose the upward call of Christ to make its mark spiritually, academically and athletically. Not by compromise, but by God's design.

There is no academy like our Academy! We celebrate the trail that's been blazed to date. Lord willing, we will continue to work toward the common goal - to make CLA the best Christian school in the Midwest. Thank you for sharing your time.


Areas of need and contact numbers:

  • Classroom Volunteers: Your child's teacher - let him/her know at orientation or as soon as possible in the beginning of the year that you are available to help in the classroom, on field trips, for special projects, etc
  • Lunchroom Volunteers: We always need help serving lunch! Please call Mrs. Aiello at: 847-385-2016
  • CLA Booster Club - meets the 2nd Monday of every Month - 847-385-2026
  • Fall Sports Award Night - CLA Booster Club 847-385-2026
  • Liberty Banquet (Fall) - Mr. Michael Burrei at 847-385-2080
  • Kindergarten Thanksgiving Program - Mrs. Horstman 847-385-2012
  • Winter Sports Award Night - CLA Booster Club 847-385-2128
  • Race For Education (Spring) - Mr. Michael Burrei 847-385-2080
  • Spring Sports Award Night - CLA Booster Club 847-385-2026
  • Sr. Kindergarten Graduation - Mrs. Horstman 847-385-2012
  • 8th & 12th Grade Graduation - Mrs. Horstman 847-385-2012


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